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Choosing Quality 

A Healthy and Safe Environment

  • Are the indoor and outdoor spaces for children safe and free of hazards?

  • Are children supervised at all times, even when they are napping?

  • Do adults and children wash their hands before eating or handling food and after using the bathroom?

  • Are there procedures for handling emergencies?


A Stimulating Environment and Opportunities to Practice Emerging Skills

  • Are adults warm and welcoming? Do they engage in conversation with the children throughout the day?

  • Is the space organized and are children able to reach and use many different type of materials and toys?

  • Do the adults read to the children daily or encourage them to read, if age appropriate?

  • Do children have frequent opportunities for active play both indoors and outdoors?


Welcomes and Includes Families

  • Does the program welcome families any time the children are in care?

  • Will the program regularly provide you with information about your child’s activities and development?

  • Do families have input in program decision making?


Trained and Qualified Staff

  • Does the director/provider have a degree in early childhood education or related field?

  • Do teachers or providers have any formal education in early childhood? (Ex. The Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) or a CACHE Level 3 Diploma Early Years Educator.