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4 activities to help develop children’s social and emotional intelligence

April 17, 2017



Hi im samia from Arabian Child and today we are going to talk about 5 activities to help build children’s social and emotional intelligence.

But what is SEI?

There are lots of ways to define it but the most basic components are:

  1. Recognizing and managing your own feelings and emotions.

  2. Demonstrating caring and concern for others

  3. Establishing positive relationships

  4. Making responsible decisions

  5. And handling challenging situations constructively.

So lets get started.

Understanding feelings

Show them a picture of an emotion, and talk about examples of situations that makes them feel that way.

Happy: “can you think of examples of things that make you feel happy?”

Act out feelings:

Put out some feelings or situations, and ask them to act them out using only their hands

• Hello! • Come here • Go away • • I’m hot • I’m scared • Stop • surprised • hurt! • happy

Mixed feelings:

This is Hugtupuss (he loves giving hugs) and sometimes she has mixed emotions because he only has 6 tentacles instead of 8, he is different and he feels shy about that. But he also feels proud because he is different.

Talk about having mixed emotions.


Managing feelings:

Does your child worry about getting their vaccination? Well you can use a toy to help manage those emotions. sometime not talking about your child directly, makes it easier for them to talk about their feelings.

This is cloud, and he is sad because he doesn't want to go to the doctor to get his vaccination. But what if we put this brave feeling, maybe he will feel happy about going.

These cute little guys that I used for the activities today are called Kimochis,


To get more ideas to help develop children social emotional intelligence, get your smart start home learning kit, or visit Arabian Child for more information.  

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